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Elements of a Real ESA Letter - RealESALetter

How to know if your ESA letter is real and genuine? Since an esa letter is the only way of living and traveling with your emotional support animal and this is why you need to make sure that you are getting the real thing.

There are many online sources that claim to provide real letters but do otherwise.

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How to know if what you got is a real ESA letter? Or thinking about the elements of a real ESA letter? You will get all the needed information here.

We have explained the key elements of a genuine letter below.

It is written on the Official Letterhead

Is your letter written on the official letterhead of the therapist? If yes then you are safe but if you got your letter on a plain paper then it is definitely NOT real. The real letter is written on the letterhead that contains the name, address, contact number and qualifications of the therapist.

These details are added so that the landlord and other concerned personnel would know that the letter is real.

Does it have the Therapist’s Number and Signature?

Does the letter have the license details of the therapist? These details include the name of the state in which the therapist is allowed to practice, the signature of the therapist and the dates of expiration and renewal of the letter.

If any of the said details are missing then you should talk to the provider and if they refuse then it means that the letter is fake.

These details are important because they show the credibility of the therapy provider and it safeguards the tights of the ESA owner also. 

Did they Screen for Eligibility?

Some online ESA letter providers try to make their system and method less time consuming by telling the people that they could get the letter without any screening. This is wrong and if anyone is telling you that you do not need any pre-screening then they are fake.

People with special psychological and emotional limitations need to go through a detailed screening to know if they really need an emotional support animal. Just because you want to bring a cat, a dog or any other home does not mean that you are eligible for an ESA. However, Dont forget to get emotional support dog letter to spend a happy life with your dog.

This is why it important that you go through the screening.

Are the Rates way too Cheap?

No high-quality thing comes at cheap rates and this is true for the ESA letter also. A genuine emotional support animal letter takes time to be prepared and delivered. The therapist will evaluate your application and screening tests.

Some of them also ask additional questions and ask for other details. All of this takes time and this is why the process is time-consuming. But, it is important because then people start violating the laws and people who genuinely need help are left behind.

As far as rates are concerned, these may fluctuate and every state has different rates.

Is your ESA letter for the Lifetime?

If yes then it is FAKE. No ESA letter for life and you will have to renew it on an annual basis. Usually, the genuine letter has the dates of issuance and expiration. In case someone claims that your letter is valid for the lifetime then they are bluffing with you.

The letter is probably fake. Finding the right and genuine source to get your letter could be somewhat difficult as there are many online sources that do it.however, a little diligence will go a long way. Always remeber that you need an esa letter to live peacefully with your esa dog.


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